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About Me

Hello, my name is Maxwell Griffin. I am a professional web developer based in Indiana. I am a full stack developer, but my true passion is front end web development. I have lived in Indiana for most of my life, and besides programming computers, I also enjoy backpacking, camping, video games, and collecting historical memorabilia.

My Work

The majority of my career so far has been spent developing custom Sitefinity, NopCommerce, and Wordpress websites for clients. Although I am a capable full stack developer, I find that I enjoy HTML, Javascript and CSS much more than I enjoy backend development. I am interested in taking my career in a more front-end oriented direction.

My Career

I worked at Kroger while attending Noblesville High School. After graduating high school in 2015, I attended IUPUI as a freshman with a major in mechanical engineering. I found that more school wasn't appealing to me, and accepted a position as an electrician helper at the IBEW Local 481 in Indianapolis. I worked for Miller Eads Co. in Indianapolis and Nugent Electric based in Anderson.

After being in the IBEW program for two years, I decided to try something new and signed up for a full-stack web development bootcamp at Eleven Fifty Academy in Fishers, Indiana in the spring of 2019. With my certifications from that program I was able to obtain my first job in the field of web development, a job with which I am now in my fourth year of employment.


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